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Streamline your processes at your gate



any data you want from any person, vehicle, container or asset entering & exiting your premises.



 that information before granting or denying entry or exit into and from your premises.



all that data onto a portal which you can access at any time from anywhere and customise reports. 

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Features & Benefits
Visitor Booking.jpg

Visitor Bookings

Duplicate data detection.jpg

Duplicate Data Detection

Movement notifications.jpg

Movement Notifications

Logistics trip.jpg

Logistics Trip Calculator

Reception tablet.jpg

Reception Tablet

Pre-approved visitors.jpg

Pre-approved Visitors

Time & Attendance.jpg

Time & Attendance

After-hours entry.jpg

After-hours Entry

Safety & Medical.jpg

Safety & Medical checks

Digital information portal.jpg

Digital Information Portal

Smart App.jpg

Visitor Smart App

Employee QR codes & data.jpg

Employee QR Codes & Data

Customised reports.jpg

Customised Reports

Customisable checks.jpg

Customisable Checks

Support shortcuts.jpg

Support Shortcuts

Photographic evidence.jpg

Photographic Evidence

Evacuation & Roll call.jpg

Evacuation & Roll Call

Digital record keeping.jpg

Digital Record keeping

Integration capabilities.jpg

Integration Capabilities

GPS for scanner.jpg

GPS for Scanner

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We have ensured that our systems are 100% PoPIA compliant
& we will continue to make sure we stay compliant.

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Control & Manage all movement of people and assets,
coming and going, on and off your premises on
3 streamlined platforms

Why choose us?

01 / Development

Our research and development team is dedicated to providing each client with a custom solution that not only works for their unique needs but also exceeds their expectations in functionality and efficiency.

02 / Support

Our management team actively participates in daily processes and client service, demonstrating unwavering dedication to ensuring our clients' success and satisfaction.

03 / Management

We take pride in delivering high-quality technical support to all our clients. Whether adapting solutions to evolving needs or ensuring full utilization of our system, we are committed to excellence.

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